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Bunch of sticks, loads of fun.

The hot new addition to our range of aircraft is the KAVAN FunStik, a vintage-styled recreational aerobatic sport-flyer. With CNC-cut parts that fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, you will quickly and easily assemble a fun and agile glider with a 1280mm wingspan. It is ready to be fitted with a 500–600W brushless motor or a 3.5–4cc engine. So whether you're a fan of the smell of burnt fuel or you're pushing for electric, you can build the FunStik to your preference. Included in the package you'll find laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, spruce spars, balsa beams and sheets for a sol
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MIBO servo horns

New in our range, you can find adjustable aluminium 25T servo pulleys from MIBO. High-quality machining ensures precise, backlash-free power transmission, and the length adjustment between 12 and 22 millimetres makes it easy to adjust the rotational response.
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KAVAN scale accessories

We've extended the range of KAVAN scale accessories for expedition and crawler models in 1/10th scale. New products include, for example aluminium towing hitches, a metal trailer or various tools and equipment. All new items are already available.
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KAVAN Swift S-1

We proudly present the newest aircraft in the KAVAN hangar, an officially licensed semi-scale of the top Polish aerobatic glider Swift S-1 with a wingspan of 2400 mm. In two colour variants. KAVAN Swift S-1 is made of highly durable expanded polyolefin (EPO) with thorough carbon reinforcements. It is powered by a KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor with a KAVAN R-50SB ESC. The ailerons, rudder and elevator are controlled by a total of 4 KAVAN GO-17MG servos. To power all onboard electronics, use a LiPo quad cell with 2200-2700 mAh capacity and a load capacity of at least 30C. In the ARF set,
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