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You can never have enough acrobatic specials. That's why we introduce a new park-flyer. KAVAN SAVAGE Mini. As the name suggests, this is the smaller brother of our SAVAGE Max. Just as easy and fast to build, just as precise in its craftsmanship and just as wild in its aerobatics. It has a span of 1000 mm, 1020 mm in length and weighs 500 g. It's designed to be powered by a 200-300W brushless motor, you'll need a 1200-1300mAh 3-cell LiPo to power it, and it can be piloted with at least a 4-channel RC set. Other necessary electronics are at least a 30A ESC and good quality servos.
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We are introducing the new KAVAN GO-1035MG low-profile digital servo with brushless motor suitable for F3A aircraft, 3D helicopters, hotliners and more. It is programmable, strong, very fast, has titanium gears and a shaft mounted on two ball bearings. The input voltage range is 4.8–8.4 V, and the box is made of aluminium for optimal cooling under high load. Programmable functions are servo angle, servo neutral, damping factor, sensitivity, soft start and many more. Please refer to the product description for all details
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KAVAN TwinShark 2700 mm

We are proud to present you the top-of-the-range semi-scale model of the HPH 304TS Twin Shark glider from Kutná Hora under the KAVAN brand. Now you can enjoy flying with this elegant glider at your favourite airport. With a span of 2700 mm, powerful brushless motor and quality KAVAN GO servos, you can fly in thermals and on slopes. Just equip the model with a 4-cell LiPo battery with a capacity of at least 2600 mAh and a load capacity of 30C.
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The microprocessor charger C14+, which you have known under the brand Raytronic, is now part of the KAVAN brand. This 80W fast charger with balancer features easy operation and safe charging. It can charge and discharge various types of batteries, from lithium to lead acid. It has an intelligent microprocessor enabling advanced features previously found only in more expensive equipment. It can adjust the end charge and discharge voltages for lead acid and lithium batteries. For cells, it also measures their voltage level, internal resistance, and can be used as a current source with adjustable
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