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For modelers

As a model builder, you are looking for high-quality products? At KAVAN, we have decades of experience in manufacturing model parts, longevity and quality are our top priority! After all, nothing is more annoying than losing a valuable functional model in operation, because of a linkage of inferior quality or another small, but important, components will give it up or break.

"Made in Germany" is precisely in the case of linkages, screws, threaded rods etc. a predicate that gives you security.

The products that we are importing for you, mainly from the USA, are of excellent quality too. So e.g. the kits of SIG known for the processed wood quality. You will notice that when you let your lovingly constructed model fly up and enjoy the balanced flight characteristics.

In addition to the functional and add-on parts for model building, we stock tools, field boxes and adjustment tools for aircraft models, our own nylon and original propellers from well-known manufacturers and interesting model building materials, such as our heat shrinking fabrics or other covering materials.